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Cassie,the mum from hell hole and her newborns
Cassie was rescued and removed from the Romanian public shelter as she was giving birth. We witness Cassie giving birth on public shelter,on a wooden palette,where a baby fell onto the floor,in bleach-we put him back with mum.We got her out on the day and we took her to vets and she was so happy and allow everyone to help her.Mum and her 5 month old pups are now ready for foster/adoption. The pups are 4 months old and there are 4 males and 1 female: they are fully vacinated and will require neutering/spaying under the adoption contract.
Josie and Nikki
Josie and Nikki are two very sweet female sisters. They are about 2 years old and are of small to medium size.
Lily is a medium sized cross-breed female of around 2-years. Lily had a bad start in life but that is all behind her now. Her foster carers tell us that she is an enchanting dog who understand commands like ‘Lily NO’ & if she barks a lot they only need wag a finger in front of her & she stops. She responsive and intelligent.